Mike Munzing’s accomplishments on Aliso Viejo's City Council (2013-2016):  
Mike Munzing was elected to the City Council for the city of Aliso Viejo in 2012 and his first term has been very busy and successful.  As you will see below, he has taken a hard stand for both Aliso Viejo ’s residents and businesses, to keep them free from oppression from local government and its regulations.
Defended local realtors ability to hold Open Houses, thus maintaining property values
Blocked draconian environmental regulations that would have hurt businesses
Stopped redistributive business taxes, which would have benefited a favored few
Protected private property rights and personal freedom from proposed ordinances
Supported and approved many commercial and residential development projects
Worked to bring new leadership to AV’s city council in the 2014 election
Succeeded in protecting AV’s financial health by stopping a $20+ million project
Fought for local control on “Big Government” regional boards (OCCOG & SCAG)
Created greater transparency with AV’s new televised city council meetings
Spearheaded the negotiations with Glenwood for their use of the Aquatics Center
Encouraged the refinancing of the Aquatics Center’s bond, saving money for residents
Lead the council to add “In God We Trust” to the entrance to the city council chambers
Lead the council to take a hard stand, which helped save the AWMA Bridge
Lead the council in the preservation and future restoration of the Aliso Viejo Ranch
Fought for 1.5 years to ensure that Edwards/Regal Theater could run their business in a manner they felt best suited for their competitive industry. In addition, my efforts were an attempt to avoid litigation, but once sued, I lead the council to a solution that saved the city tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Mike Munzing, Mayor of Aliso Viejo
Mike Munzing for Aliso Viejo City Council 2016
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Mike Munzing
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